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Tuition: $30/workshop (both daily workshops $50)


Home School Workshops


Japanese Arts

Tuesday, November 27  10AM-12 PM

Learn the ancient technique of Kumihimo, a braiding style used to connect Japanese armor. Create an origami/kirigami mobile.


Pixel Coding

Thursday, November 29   10AM-12PM

Explore fundamentals of graphic design coding through pixel art. Code your own fuse bead key chain.


Chain Mail

Tuesday, December 4    10AM-12PM

Weave patterns of metal rings using medieval techniques to create decorative chain mail & try on a piece of chain armor.

Needle and Thread

Optical Art

Thursday, December 6    10AM-12PM

Create & optical illusions  with string art and draw 2-dimensional pictures that appear 3-dimensional.


Retro Crafts

Tuesday, December 11    10AM-12PM

Discuss the science behind some crafty & useful inventions. Design shrink film pins and clothespin reindeer.


Paper Tech

Thursday, December 13    10AM-12PM

Create intricate patterns to make fan-art snowflakes. Design paper circuits to light up greeting cards.


Crafty Critters

Tuesday, December 18    10AM-12PM

Create a felt creature head or a sock monster & learn fundamental sewing techniques. (Optional: bring mismatched socks to use.)

book fold.jpg


Thursday, December 20    10AM-12PM

Design, measure, calculate & fold an original keepsake from a hard-cover book. (Optional: bring your own book as a memento.)

Fresh Pickles


Tuesday, November 27  12PM-2 PM

Examine the process of fermentation by preparing Dill Pickles and Bread & Butter Pickle from fresh cucumbers.


Super Saturation

Thursday, November 29   12PM-2PM

Grow crystals on a handmade LED wreath.

Discover the chemistry of gelatin & design gel window clings.

Stones on Mosaic Bowl

Art Rocks

Tuesday, December 4    12PM-2PM

Learn how to paint a galaxy on a rock & design an original painted rock game (tic tac toe, memory, etc.)

Sweet Pretzel

Sweet/Savory Treats

Thursday, December 6    12PM-2PM

Discover the unique chemistry of making pretzels and compare what makes a bread sweet or savory with stained glass cookies.


Winter Wonders

Tuesday, December 11    12PM-2PM

Formulate "magic snow" & explore its unique properties, then use it to create "snow" sculptures that don't melt. 

ninjabread men.jpg

Make & Bake

Thursday, December 13    12PM-2PM

Follow our secret recipe for marshmallow fondant & bake ninjabread men/ voodoobread dolls to decorate.

Our final experiment for Chem I, Constru

Candy Cane Chemist

Tuesday, December 18    12PM-2PM

Explore the science of candy-making & flavor chemistry making our own Variegated Disaccharide J-Tubes (candy canes.) 


Seasonal Scents

Thursday, December 20    12PM-2PM

Make and bake scented ornaments from cinnamon. Learn about the history and use of pomanders & make an orange pomander.

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