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Monday December 13th

Cookies and Eggnog

On this first day of Christmas we will be making cookies and eggnog from scratch and learning a bit about the science involved.


Tuesday December 14th

Pumpkin Pie and Butter Beer

Get into the holiday spirit by making your own pie from an actual pumpkin and not from a can and what better to wash it down than with a cold glass of butter bear. Learn the secrets of making not only the flavors but how to make the ever expanding foam on top.


Wednesday December 15th

Personal tree Ornaments

Something old something new. Learn to make your own special ornamentation. From cloven fruit to grown crystal light up tree decorations.


Thursday December 16th

Candy Canes and Meringue Cookies

Two holiday favorites. The science of the variegated J-Tube coupled with the magic of the meringue cookie.

Children 10 and older

Classes run from 9AM to 4PM each day

$100 per day per student

Includes all supplies and materials

Does NOT include lunch (refrigerator and microwave are available)

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