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Full STEAM Ahead!

Summer Camp 2019

Weekly Themes

Each week is filled with activities inspired by the theme, including hands-on short/long term projects, demonstrations, games, movies, discussions, and more. Projects are subject to change based on student interests and ongoing feedback & discussions.

Makerspace I

Get a head-start on your summer projects and learn how to use a variety of high tech/low tech tools & equipment. 3D drafting, soldering, construction & design, electronics, wood working & more.

Tools on a desk
RPG Adventure

Create a fantasy character and join the party to embark on an adventure through a Medieval & magical land. Design your own heraldic banner. Make chainmail. Construct crossbows.

Full Moon Bat

Explore the methods of movement, from rockets in flight to perpetual motion machines. Devise a Rube Goldberg device or create a marble roller coaster.

Air Conditioner
Artistic Logistics

STEM becomes STEAM when art and technology meet.

Discover art that is saving lives & making space travel possible. Explore creative techniques in two and three dimensions. Fold a book masterpiece and explore graphic design through coding.

Print Making
Game Based Learning

Games can help learn everything from physics to history, civil engineering and art appreciation, even calculus!! Play games & create games, from board games, RPGs, video games, even mind games.


Missing Piece
Consumer Science

Discover the secret science behind some of your favorite products.

Formulate bath fizzies & lip bombs. Investigate food nutrition and build bomb calorimiters. Cook up some sweet treats and savory snacks.

Bath Salts and Soap
Magical Mysteries

Flex your logic & attention skills as you practice sleight of hand, create optical illusions, solve riddles and explore the science involved in making the magic in movies real.

Magic Hat, Wand and Cards
Build Battles

Engineer hydraulic arms to wrestle. Make microbots. Design an r/c obstacle course and build remote control bots to complete the challenges.

Operation Conservation

Plan & design a zoo exhibit. Build and plant a garden. Learn about local endangered species & engage in citizen science. Explore community ecology

and sustainability.

Bald Eagle
Minecraft Science

Wrap up the summer with a fully modded Minecraft world, immersed in science & technology.

ScI campus.png
Makerspace I
RPG Adventure
Artistic Logistics
Consumer Sci
Magic Mysteries
Build Battles
Makerspace II
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