Boy with DIY Robot

Summer online


Available June 21st thru August 6th 

Cost of 1 week and 2 week courses vary

Some lab kits are included with the price other kits must be purchased online

All courses are first come first served when each class reaches capacity it will be closed.

From 9-10:30 AM OR From 11-12:30 Monday thru Friday 

Modern Electronics is a two week program in the afternoons from 1:00 PM - 2:30PM

Limited to 8 students per week per course

Ages11 and up

Each course is a guided hands on lab designed to build practical experience and a working knowledge in the science being studied.

1 Week courses include: Rockets, Catapults, Electromagnetism with physics, Genetics and DNA, Robotics, and Physics of Simple Machines 

Advanced Modern Electronics is a 2 week course offered 2 times over the summer 

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Wellington, FL 33414

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