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Friday night Funcraft

Fridays,* 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Exclusively for tweens & teens, join us for an evening of  friends, food, and all things geeky, crafty, & sciency! Develop your own space program in Minecraft mod, Galacticraft or Kerbal Space Program. Draw a masterpiece of coding for an Ozobot or start a Lego chain reaction. Head to our lounge to read a chapter of "How Everything Works in Your Home," or become a virtual ninja in "Kung Fu Live." Enjoy a pizza dinner & show off your latest PokemonGo catch! Challenge a friend to a game of Laser Maze or Hover Kraft. Explore everything the STEAM Room @ ScI has to offer.


*Visit calendar for exact schedule. Space is limited. Call 561.459.1724 for more info.

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