Friday night Funcraft

Fridays,* 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Exclusively for tweens & teens, join us for an evening of  friends, food, and all things geeky, crafty, & sciency! Develop your own space program in Minecraft mod, Galacticraft or Kerbal Space Program. Draw a masterpiece of coding for an Ozobot or start a Lego chain reaction. Head to our lounge to read a chapter of "How Everything Works in Your Home," or become a virtual ninja in "Kung Fu Live." Enjoy a pizza dinner & show off your latest PokemonGo catch! Challenge a friend to a game of Laser Maze or Hover Kraft. Explore everything the STEAM Room @ ScI has to offer.


*Visit calendar for exact schedule. Space is limited. Call 561.459.1724 for more info.

11320 Fortune Circle, G7          Wellington, FL 33414          561.459.1724

“You've turned my house upside down! The kid we could never get up in the morning for anything is now knocking on everyone's doors, saying it's time to go to Scientastic!”

— Edward G.

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