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2016 Summer Themes

Minecraft I

Minecraft for both the new and the experienced. This week will be good experience for all. From mobs to servers to command blocks and more. We will even have a few builds in real life. (Minecraft crafts)

June 6-10
Rockets & Flight



Design, build and launch four different types of rockets. Air powered, water powered and two chemical powered rockets. Explore both the history and the future of spaceflight.


Bonus weekend launch field trip (optional)

June 13-17
Gizmos & Gadgets



Draw your own code with Ozobots. Build your own gizmos and work as a team putting gadgets together to create a Rube Goldberg machine!


Who and what is Rube Goldberg? check it out here!

June 20-24
Battle Bots


NEW FOR 2016! Expanding on our WILDLY popular junk bots week from last year, we will be designing, building, & battling full-size, remote controlled bots.

June 27-July 1
Minecraft II


Discover the scientific side of Minecraft. Physics, electronics & circuitry, genetics, and environmental science are just some of the concepts that Minecraft can demonstrate.


Sheep Punnet squares? Check! Rollercoasters? Check! Tragedy of the Commons & Survival of the Fittest, a la Hunger Games? You betcha!


Take your minecraft skills to the next level. Create your own experiments to design and test. Can you dig it?!?

July 4-8
Chemistry Hacks
One of our most popular programs!
Explore food science and household & cosmetic chemistry during this challenging week of measurements, conversions, & chemical reactions as you research & create your own snacks, baked goods, lip balm, bug repellant, and more cool chemistry hacks for your busy life!
July 18-22
Science of Art


Origami art has led to breakthroughs in the fields of medicine & astronautics. Geometrics & fractals are popular in art more than ever. And of course, upcycling & repurposing materials are THE crafty way to a healthier environment! Join us for a week to see how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math REALLY work together!


July 25-29
Games & Coding



Give your brain a workout with mental challenges from simple optical illusions to creating your OWN science games.


Study how the mind works while impersonating a neanderthal. Learn all about our avian friends playing Birdopoly. Code your own game online from scratch or build one IRL, and challenge your friends.



August 1-5
STEAM Fun & Games
August 8-12
Join us @ our new location & celebrate all things Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, & more!
Discover native wildlife, experience the Everglades, & catch a few "pocket monsters" during daily Pokewalks (weather permitting.) Explore ScI's new creative space and utilize our shelves upon shelves of tools, supplies, & games to satisfy all of your maker/gamer/hacker/artist cravings (or wrap up that back-to-school project that you didn't quite finish yet!)
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