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Summer 2017


Super science fans, nerds, geeks, gamers, crafters, hackers, makers, inventors, artists, achievers, & dreamers!
ScI is gearing up for its 5th summer of innovative workshops developed exclusively for creative & motivated tweens and teens, ages 10+.
Each week is filled with STEAM based projects, Minecraft, games, food, friends, & fun! 

Weekly Schedule:   M-F     9AM-4PM              Tuition: $290 /week
Tuition includes all materials, lab fees, registration, and daily lunch. Snacks are welcome; water is always available. (Lunch selections include, Tijuana Flats, Lindburgers, PDQ, Habit Grill, & more!)

Minecraft Makers

Build a science & technology based civilization in our redesigned & expanded server. Explore chemistry, zoology, engineering, electricity, genetics, physics, & more through a variety of mods. Complete challenges, collaborate (or compete) with your neighbors. Save us from a virtual meltdown!

Flex your maker muscles by recreating popular Minecraft objects IRL. 

June 5-9
Minecraft I

Art Sci



One of our favorite programs! Explore the connections between science & the arts. Draft 3D sculptures, formulate your own watercolor paint colors, reuse and recycle everyday objects into objet d'art, engineer mechanical moving interactive art, fold up some geometry origami, curate your own Minecraft museum, and more! 

June 12-16
Art Sci

It's Electr(omagnet)ic!



Experiment with electricity & magnetism. mix up some magnetic slime, solder a LED sign and program it with your own message, build solar, wind, or hydro power generators in Minecraft, create spinning monopolar motors or battery trains.

June 19-23

3D Modeling


Explore the basics of CAD (Computer Assisted Design)

     - design & print three dimensional objects

Learn the science behind other 3D modeling techniques

     - plaster casting               - modular assembly

    -food science                       - more!

June 26-June 30
3D Models

Life Hacks

Discover some of the behind the scene science of the things that make our lives just a little more fun! Formulate bath fizzies & 4th of July sparklers.        Print 3D gadgets to help out around the house. Cook up some chemistry in the kitchen & engage in guerrilla gardening.

July 3-7
Life Hacks

Game Design


Take a page from some of the most successful game designs, get inspiration from the STEM Video Game Challenge & The Hasbro Gaming Lab, & create your own amazing game through code or construction and build a mini-game arcade in our private Minecraft world.

July 10-14
Game Design


Become a master of tabletop battle with innovative & ecofriendly builds like paint stirrer crossbows, popsicle stick hydraulic arms, tp compression launchers, & more! Test the laws of physics with incredible marble mazes & Rube Goldberg machines on our infinitely reconfigurable peg board! 


July 17-21

Battle Bots



One of our most popular programs gets a tech upgrade! We can now design & print parts for our bots to unlock their full STEAM potential. Collaborate & compete in mini bot challenges, and team up for full size, remote controlled bot battles.

July 24-28
Battle Bots

Up, Up, & Away

July 31- Aug 4

Experiment with amazing flying objects. Explore lift, gravity, propulsion, & other aerodynamics. Design 3D prototypes to test & fly. Build 4 different types of rockets from scratch! Build and race flying machines in Minecraft.

Up & Away

Minecraft Makers II

August 7-11

Discover the scientific side of Minecraft. Physics, electronics & circuitry, genetics, and environmental science are just some of the concepts that Minecraft can demonstrate.


Sheep Punnet squares? Check! Rollercoasters? Check! Tragedy of the Commons & Survival of the Fittest, a la Hunger Games? You betcha!


Take your minecraft skills to the next level. Create your own experiments to design and test. Can you dig it?!?

Minecraft II
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